Upholstery Health Study

Your Health And Upholstery Cleaning

In our daily life, we sit or spend most of our time on furniture like sofas, study tables, or cushioned chairs. Upholsteries attract germs and bacteria, the allergens get settled on the upholstery and if you are a person whose skin is highly sensitive to any type of allergen, the uncleaned upholstery can cause many bad health situations. Keeping your upholstery clean and adding upholstery cleaning to your regular cleaning schedule is a better way to remove the allergens from the upholstery. By doing this you not only achieve a clean upholstery but it is also good for your health.

The Upholstery Health Study survey shows that one out of five Australians have breathing disorders like Asthma. Keeping your upholstery cleaned and sanitised will ensure you clean air in your room. It is important to clean the upholstery every 6 months to maintain them in a good condition and remove allergens, bacteria and germs from the upholstery to avoid any potential diseases occurring.

Upholstery Health Study To Find The Presence Of Allergens

It is proven that there are 70-80% of allergens present on the upholstery out of which 60-65% are airborne bacteria. When coming in contact with the skin it can cause skin allergies.

Keeping upholstery at home can improve the air quality as they absorb germs and bacteria. Most of the people who have asthma problems get impacted due to the bad quality of the air inside the room. When we leave the upholstery uncleaned for a long time it starts stinking and surrounds the room with a bad smell, which can cause breathing difficulty. We spend most of our time inside our rooms. Having bad air quality or uncleaned stained upholstery can make us uncomfortable.

How Can Removing Bacteria Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Germs and bacteria get attracted to moisture-rich areas, when you spill food or any beverage on your upholstery by mistake and you don’t clean it immediately it will attract germs and bacteria. The mixture of accumulation of dust, bacteria, germs and moisture makes the surface smelly and stinky. Leaving your upholstery in this condition will cause an unpleasant smell surrounding the room, making the room’s air quality bad.

Getting your upholstery cleaned means removing the root cause of the bad smell from the upholstery. This will improve the air quality inside the room.

How To Clean The Upholstery Properly?

  1. Vacuuming: Using a vacuum cleaner, clean all the crumbs and dust from the upholstery, and make sure to remove all the loose dirt and dust from every corner of the upholstery properly.
  2. Detergent for stains as spot removal: Using detergents on upholstery can remove stains and spots making it look clean and fresh
  3. Steam Cleaning: Using hot water can help to kill the germs and bacteria present on the upholstery.
  4. Sanitising: Using a sanitiser on the upholstery will completely kill the bacteria and germs on the upholstery making it germ-free and it is safe to use for a person whose skin is sensitive when it comes to bacteria, germs and uncleaned dirty upholstery.
  5. Scotchgard Treatment: Using Scotchgard on the upholstery will make sure to repel the dust, dirt or any bacteria settling on the upholstery and it will also protect the upholstery from further damage.

When you feel like following all these steps to clean an upholstery is tiring work, or when you don’t have time for cleaning your upholstery because of your busy schedule, in scenarios like that contact us, Karls Couch Cleaning,  we will make sure to clean and sanitise your upholstery and make them look fresh, brand new and bacteria free upholstery.

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