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When you have a dirty couch at home and couldn’t clean it for a long time because of your busy schedule (or) don’t know how to clean it properly then don’t get worried and hurry up to call us. Our company Karls Couch Cleaning provides super-class dry cleaning for couches and other furniture.

We provide services like couch dry cleaning, couch steam cleaning, couch deodorising, couch sanitising, couch cover protection and many other services. We have more than 20 years of experience and our employees are well-trained professionals who know what they are doing and how the cleaning work is done without causing any damage to the material or the furniture.

How Couches Get Dirty?

Couches get easily dirty from the day-to-day work we do on them, we spill beverages on them, we spill food on them and also we ascend on the couch straight after coming outside when our shoes are covered in dust from the outside. Also, if you are a pet lover, having a pet at home can also make your couch dirty easily as they shed hair on the couch, jump on the couch when their feet are dirty after playing in the lawn or drool marks on the couch and sometimes they also wet the sofa. 

If we leave the couch unattended for a long time then because of the moisture in the couch it starts to grow mould in the couch and the couch becomes smelly, the bad smell of the couch will cover the whole room and it will feel uncomfortable while breathing.

Couch Dry Cleaning Technique

The couch dry cleaning technique is widely used to get rid of spots stains and bad odours from the couch. Our company provides the best couch cleaning technique in Hobart. We have employees who are well-trained and professional in this field. We use advanced and high-technology equipment while using dry cleaning techniques.

1) At first we inspect the couch properly to know what technique or equipment we should use on it to clean it and make it look like a brand new couch like before. Then we bring the couch out in the spacious and open area to start our job immediately without any delay.

2) After that we make a detergent solution by mixing detergent with hot water, using hot water will open the fibres of the cover and the spots and stains will get cleaned easily, The material soaked in the hot detergent water will get cleaned easily when compared to the cold water.

3) we soak the fabric of the couch in hot detergent water for about 20-30 minutes until the fabric gets completely drenched from the inside out. 

4) After that using a scrub or sponge we rub the area which is affected by the dirt and stain and try to remove it completely making sure not to leave any single stain or dirt behind. Remember not to rub the fabric harshly as it may damage the fibres of the fabric and it will leave a patch on the couch later as the colour of the fabric might have also got faded due to excess and harsh rubbing on the affected area.

5) After the stain is completely removed we clean the affected area and use the drying machine to dry the fabric until it gets dried completely. We use the best high-technology drying machines to dry the furniture carefully without causing any damage to the furniture or the fabric.

You Might Wonder What Is The Best Time To Get Your Couch Cleaned

1) When you observe persistent stains on the couch which start to look disgusting and spread all over day by day

2) When you observe mould growth on the couch

3) When you observe a musty, filthy, bad smell coming out of the couch.

4) The persistent smudges or stains on the armrest, headrest and cushions.

5) A layer of dirt covering all over the couch.

6) Fur or hair of your pet and drool stains of your pet. 

These are times you should and must get your couch cleaned by professionals like us.

Advantages Of Getting Your Couch Dry Cleaned

1) It removes germs and bacteria as we use hot water and antibacterial products while cleaning your couch. Germ and bacteria-free couches are good for your skin and your health, your skin won’t get itchy or irritated because of any bacterial presence and you won’t get any unnecessary diseases.

2) Dry cleaning of the couch will make your couch stay dirt and dust free for a long time, just simple dusting or vacuuming your couch regularly will make it look clean and shiny like a brand new couch.

3) Dry cleaning will also kill the mould present on the couch, most of the materials by which the couches are made are of cotton or wool, as we all know cotton and wool are good moisture-absorbing materials that give the best moisture-rich environment for the moulds to grow. Dry cleaning the couch will get rid of the moisture and the mould completely at the same time.

4) Dry cleaning the couch will make the appearance of the couch clean and enhanced, and make it look like a brand new couch. In the dry cleaning technique, the colour of the fabric doesn’t get faded and the texture of the fabric also stays protected. So dry cleaning your couch will give you better results than any other techniques of couch cleaning.

5) Cleaning and maintaining your couch by using a dry cleaning technique will also increase the lifespan of the couch and you can use it for a longer period of time than the usual period of time, as it stays maintained and in good condition.

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