Couch Mould Removal

Professional Solution For Couch Mould Removal

Having a mouldy couch is the worst thing to happen as it damages the fabric of the couch, slowly the colour of the couch gets faded and the couch starts smelling filthy after some time. The lifespan of the couch also gets decreased once you ignore the mould growth on the couch. Moulds are a serious issue that should be considered and get cleaned as soon as possible or it will cause permanent damage to the couch. There will be only one option left and that is to throw out your present mouldy damaged couch and buy a new couch, which will cost you more. 

Instead, just simply get your couch a mould removal treatment by professionals like us, Karls Couch Cleaning. We will provide excellent services for your couch and other furniture to get cleaned. We provide quality services to our clients with our advanced, high-tech and modern equipment to clean the couch and other furniture. We use biodegradable, eco-friendly products to clean mould stains and spots and get rid of moulds as well. We also provide couch dry cleaning services and many other facilities to our clients, we have more than 20 years of experience in this field and have had hundreds of clients over the years. Our employees are well-equipped and well-trained professional workers who provide satisfactory services to our clients.

We provide services like couch mould removal treatment, couch steam cleaning, couch dry cleaning, couch deodorising, couch sanitisation and many other services.

Couch Mould Removal Treatment Technique

There are two ways to give mould removal treatment to a couch, the first method is by using a vacuum cleaner and the second is by using a steam cleaner.

First, we observe and inspect the condition of the couch and decide accordingly whether we should use a vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaner on the couch to get rid of moulds.

1) While using a vacuum cleaner, we vacuum every inch of the couch covering all the small gaps and spaces making sure not to leave even an inch where a mould can be present. Even a small left-out mould will start growing and spread again damaging the fabric and the couch completely, we do not take any chance of regrowth of mould and get rid of it completely at once while vacuuming.

2) While using steam cleaners, we sprinkle hot water all over the couch surface and kill the moulds present on the surface of the couch completely. After steam cleaning, we make sure not to leave any moisture behind and dry the couch properly to avoid the re-growth of mould.

Most of the couch materials are made of cotton and wool which are prone to absorb water quickly, moulds grow in the moisture-rich environment, and when we accidentally spill a drink, water or any beverage on the couch and don’t clean it properly, the liquid gets absorbed and moulds will get the moisture-rich environment to grow and spread completely all over the couch.

List Of Our Professional Services To Get Your Job Done

1) Couch mould removal service: We use eco-friendly products and completely chemical-free products to get rid of moulds.

2) Couch dry cleaning: We use high-velocity vacuum cleaners and drying machines for couch dry cleaning techniques.

3) Steam cleaning: We use hot water and advanced steam cleaning machines to clean the spots and stains away from the couch in no time.

4) Couch deodorising: Our couch deodorising techniques are the best in the industry, we get rid of that filthy and awkward smell that you are worried about very easily with our advanced techniques.

5) Couch sanitisation: It is important to sanitise the couch completely to get rid of bacteria and germs from the couch, the bacteria present on the couch will cause skin problems like red skin, and itchy skin.

6) Couch stain removal: We use baking soda and liquid detergents or lemon juice to remove persistent stains and spots. These materials are completely biodegradable and eco-friendly products and also they do not contain any harsh chemicals which can damage the couch fabric. 

We consider our clients as family and take care of their furniture responsibly.

Advantages Of Couch Mould Removal Treatment

1) Germ and bacteria-free couch, having germ free couch is healthy and makes your skin feel good, with no skin allergies, no skin redness or no skin irritation. Having a germ and bacteria-free couch keeps you away from unnecessary skin and health problems.

2) Couch mould cleaning also purifies the surrounding air quality.

3) Couch mould cleaning also helps in expanding the lifespan of the couch. You can use your couch for a longer period of time than the usual lifespan of the couch if you clean and maintain your couch in a good condition.

4) Couch mould cleaning enhances the appearance of the couch. It will look clean and brand new as you bought it recently.

5) The moulds present in the couch will die permanently and will not regrow again, giving a fresh, clean and new look to your couch.

When Is The Right Time To Call Us?

1) When you find mould growing on your couch and don’t have time to clean it because of your busy schedule at times like that, contact us to get your couch cleaned and turn it into a fresh brand new couch like before.

2) When you observe a dirt layer all over the couch.

3) When your couch starts releasing bad odour, a bad smell covering your room will make it difficult to breathe in that room and when you have guests over you will feel embarrassed in front of them, to avoid these kinds of awkward situations get your couch cleaned by the professionals like us.

4) When you observe your pet’s hair all over the couch and are unable to clean it properly. Pets like dogs and cats shed more hair than any other pet animal. If you are worried about your cat or dog’s hair all over the couch then stop worrying and contact us to get rid of your pet’s hair.

5) When you spill food or any beverage on the couch, food spills contain oil which will get absorbed quickly by the fabric of the cloth and doesn’t come off easily and over time the dust particles sit on that food stain making it worse. Getting stains like these cleaned quickly is the best option because the more you delay the cleaning of the stain the more it gets persistent.

However, you can call professionals whenever you feel like it’s the right time to get your couch or any other furniture cleaned or whenever you feel dirty and uncomfortable around your couch and furniture you can call the professionals to get them cleaned.

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