Couch Odour Removal

Make Your Couch Smelling Fresh: Hire Experts From Karls

For obvious reasons, no one likes the smelly and stinky couch, and no one would prefer to sit or relax on the smelly couch.

We provide excellent services all over Hobart for couch odour removal, couch stain removal and other furniture cleaning and maintenance services. Our company Karls Couch Cleaning has more than 20 years of experience in this field and we have hundreds of clients over the years who have received satisfactory results for their couches and other furniture cleaning services. Our employees are well-trained certified professionals who know how to get the job done in only one appointment. We use high technology equipment and advanced techniques to clean your couch and other furniture and turn them into brand new ones like they were never damaged before and you have bought them recently.

We provide services like couch odour removal or couch deodorising, couch stain removal, couch mould removal, couch steam cleaning and couch dry cleaning and many other services. We provide same-day services and we are available for 24/7 emergency services.

Why Do Couches Smell?

There are several reasons which may cause your couch to stink badly. 

  1. Mould growth
  2. Spilling of food or any beverage on the couch and not cleaning or drying them properly.    
  3. If you are a pet lover and have a pet at your home, we know all know that pets smell awkwardly differently because of the germs and bacterial growth on their fur and skin, when your pet sit on the couch or sleep on the couch later they leave that bad smell and their fur behind them all over the couch making the couch dirty and smelly.
  4. When you don’t pay any attention to your couch for a long time and it gets dirtier with settled dust, spots and stains it starts smelling musty and unpleasant.

Couch Odour Removal Technique

1) At first we will inspect the couch to know its condition properly. After that, we move the couch to a more open and spacious space to clean the couch freely without feeling custody. 

2) After that we start vacuuming the couch using an advanced high-velocity vacuum cleaner and we also add a special attachment to the vacuum cleaner to reach the small spaces and gaps of the couch making sure not to leave an inch of the sofa and cleaning it properly.

3) Then our employees apply a special odour removal solution to start covering the filthy odour coming out of the couch.

4) After that we apply special couch deodorisers on the couch and leave it for 30 minutes so that the deodoriser gets absorbed in the fabric nicely and removes the filthy smell from the couch.

5) After that we will clean the couch and make sure there is no stain, spot or any bad odour left on the couch, if there is any stain or odour left on the couch they will be addressed immediately and cleaned at the same time.

Services We Provide For Couch Cleaning

  1. Couch steam cleaning: We use hot water and advanced steam cleaning equipment to clean and get rid of any stain, spot or odour from the couch.
  2. Couch dry cleaning: We use high-velocity vacuum cleaners and advanced drying machines to dry clean stains and remove odour from the couch completely.
  3. Couch mould removal: With this service, you will get your couch mould-free and odour-free at the same time as the equipment and products used for mould cleaning also help in deodorising the couch.
  4. Couch deodorising or odour removal: Our couch deodorising technique is the best in the industry and we will get your couch deodorised easily in no time. 
  5. Couch stain removal: We use baking soda, vinegar solution, detergents and lemon juice to remove stains and spots, these materials are completely organic and will not cause any damage to your couch fabric.
  6. Couch sanitisation: We use special couch sanitisers to sanitise the couch and make them germ and bacteria-free. Germs and bacteria on the couch can come from the pets in your house or accidental food and beverages spills on the couch.

How Often Should You Get Your Couch Cleaned By Professionals?

1)  When you observe your couch starting smelling bad and filthy and you don’t have time to clean it yourself, contact our company Karls Couch Cleaning Services to get your job done.

2) When you find drool stains and fur of your pets and a bad smell because of it.

3) When you plan to have guests over and your couch isn’t ready to present in front of guests as it smells bad and will bring embarrassment to you in front of your guests.

4) When it gets persistent stain marks because of oily food and beverages spilling on your couch.

5) When moulds start growing on your couch and look unpleasant.

These are the reasons and situations when you should call professionals for help to get your couch cleaned. However, calling professionals whenever you feel like it’s the right time for cleaning or whenever you feel uncomfortable and dirty around your couch and furniture you can get them cleaned by professionals like us.

Benefits Of Using Our Couch Odour Removal Service

1) Fresh feeling and pleasant smell coming out of the couch instead of that bad filthy smell.

2) Deodorising your couch also cleans the outsides of the couch giving it a clean and fresh look.

3) We are on time and provide fast service with satisfactory results.

4) Advanced cleaning of the couch will make the couch age longer, you can use your couch for a longer period of time than you have expected.

5) The couch will stay clean and maintained in a good condition just by doing regular dusting and vacuuming of your couch.

6) The moulds in the couch will die when we use hot water and after vacuuming every inch of the couch moulds will get removed permanently and will not regrow again.

7) Our professional employees will not make or leave any mess behind and clean everything even before you tell them to clean, before packing their belongings and leaving the site.

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